Monday, January 18, 2010

The Positive List, By Popular Demand

blair.jones, this one's for you- and my sanity! woot!
Why My Life Is A Lot Cooler Than I Let Myself Think It Is:
1) I have great friends.
I do, even though I'm a bitch to them like 99% of the time, I secretly love them, deep down inside.
2) One of those friends is Australian and ridiculously hot.
See bows and buckles, but yeah. He makes me blush and giggle, and I think he really likes me.
3) My dog rocks some serious socks.
He's just sitting there, being all cute, when he barks, he just stands there, barking all cute.
4) I start rugby tomorrow.
I've always wanted to play- help out with those aggression issues I attempt to hide.
5) I'm like REALLY pretty.
just sayin'.
6) I'm finally doing something I really, really want.
I'm going to be an amazing archaeologist. I know it.

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