Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The 5 Reasons I Might Fail College.

So, when I started this whole college thing, I said that I would focus, study EVERY night, all night. keep on top of shit, ya know?
Ohhhh how I bullshit myself. Thus, the reasons I might fail School.
1) This Shit Is Hard.
I know I'm smart. I KNOW that. But dam, college is hard. I'm taking two classes on Ancient Rome and 2 in Anthropology and 1 in Latin and Greek. I'm already confused and it's only the first week.

2) I Lack Background Knowledge.
I know I probably only feel this way, but everyone seems to know stuff that I just... don't. That said, I am surprised at my recovery of evolution from bio 11. I should write a thank you card to Ms. Morgan because she obviously jedi mind tricked it in.
I know I'm not the only person sitting there with no clue about anything the prof's reference; the same three people are the ones with the wealth of knowledge. Maybe it's just snobbery on their part. No one likes a show off!

3) I Have No Clue Where To Start.
Everyone seems to know what's going on, but I have no clue. The prof's talk about chapter assignments, people have convos about what they did to study. I read what's on the outline, which wasn't what the chapter was about.

4) HBO.
I know it's a cop out, but it's just so tempting. Don't tell me you don't love Summer Heights High or Cathouse.

5) I've Already Skipped One Class.
Today I didn't really eat breakfast and by my second class I felt like shit. I totally made an ass of myself by going in to decide if I wanted to go or not, I don't remember. Skipping breakfast normally is bad, skipping breakfast when you're slightly anemic is REALLY bad. Just a note to the world there.

I don't want to fail. I really, really don't. Send some karma, and who knows? Maybe one day I'll name an ancient city after you.
Actually, no. I really want to find that stupid Atlantis already.

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blair.jones said...

Over the course of my years in Uni I've had these thoughts too... it's hard but you have to make positive lists instead. And believe them!