Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Lessons From My Brother's Relationship Fail.

For those of you who aren't aware, I am not a fan of this girl. Their entire relationship is like a PSA.

5) Don't abuse a connection. If the person you know isn't at someone's house, don't go there. You. Don't. Live. There. It's nice that his parents don't give a crap about what his sister wants and lets you invade whenever you want, but really, who does that? 
6) There is such a thing as wearing out your welcome. Do not stay at said place for a week. It's rude, and when you kick against the shared wall all night, the person in the bedroom beside you can't sleep. They live here. You don't. They want to sleep.
7) If someone tries to help you, take it. It's not like you can dress yourself properly and merely suggesting that you would look good in blue based whites is not an insult, in fact it's a compliment. Blue based whites are pretty. 
8) Sometimes things you don't think are disruptive are. Do not shower after 10. The water is loud and some people have bedrooms that share a wall with a bathroom. Some people are trying to go to bed early so that they can perform well at school. Mind you, it's really not worth trying because you're probably just going to kick the other wall all night. 
9) Don't date a baby, he should take care of himself. If your boyfriend is in the midst of a huge mantrum do not go up to him and baby him. Let him work it out himself. A child wouldn't have you running up to him, talking to him in a baby voice. When a grown man acts up he does not need to be validated, he needs to be taught that that is NOT the right way to deal with his feelings.
10) Love is about wanting what's best for someone, even if you aren't involved in it and lose a lot. Don't hold the person you're with back. I understand that you get to live in a nice house, go to fancy dinners and go on nice trips. I understand that your home life is crap and that using someone to get all the things you never had is tempting, but it's affecting him and his family. When you won't encourage him doing something because you lose all the good things you can't afford to do you're nothing more than a selfish bitch. 

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