Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Long overdue blog coming at you!

Alright, so I've been neglecting so many things this summer. Including this blog :( I didn't think this summer would be so jam-packed with just....things! Blog, I love you, but you must understand. Everything that I wasn't able to do last summer is happening this summer. Some of the things may seem trivial to one person but very meaningful to me. Some of the things are wow-tastic universally. Needless to say, I'm loving life right now! Even though everything is happening, I'm itching for more.
The pop culture side of me says: This summer...Adam Lambert liked my black and glittery nails (:D) who also performed a mindblowing rendition of Mad World in front of my face. I asked Matt Giraud for a hug....he did so with an addition of a kiss on the cheek. (You know what, for that, check out my youtube channel: jazywen. :) Coldplay and Snow Patrol were right there on the same stage. Yellow, Take Back The City, epic. Oh yeah, and I'm seeing that guy named David Cook in Seattle on August 24th. Just sayin.
The traveller/vacationer side of me says: This summer....I went to Alaska where we got pampered, saw a plethora of wildlife, and experienced a glacier only 1 km away. We won a trip to Whistler where we won a bit of money and partied at the Hilton. Went to Victoria a few times with the family (and again tomorrow to visit Jeffrey, who just moved ot). And I went to Europe about 20 times. No, that's a lie. It should be valid though since I sat through hundreds of pictures and videos of Europe from 20 different people this summer. It was enjoyable though. Makes me craaave Paris even more :P. Doing the Grouse Grind for the first time which took me an hour and 45 minutes should be an accomplishment too lol!
And the scholar side of me remained partially active this summer with a history of psychology course at SFU. I thought it was going to be the most dry and hiccuppy pre-req ever, but it turned out to be one of the best psych courses I've taken. Like, it included the ancient Greek stuff huh? So my brain isn't completly dead for the fall semester. Thumbs up. Various jobs during the summer kept me grounded too. The ground is no fun :P. Work at the PNE starts Saturday and there are like a gazllion things that need to be done before then...but life's good. I just can't believe that I'll be seeing David in UNDER a week! eep! I may never be the same...just as a warning. So there's the very brief (trust me, that is brief) synopsis of my summer thus far. I'm actually pretty excited for fall semester...I picked up the restoration and 18th century literature book today and it got me pretty excited. :)

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