Sunday, July 12, 2009

There you go, Sandy, see? I'm Blogging! :P

Last semester, I took a course called "Introduction to Poetry". At the time I don't suppose it really sank in, but just now it's hit me that I'm really nowhere near as good a writer as I always thought. Now, I don't want to sound at all conceited, but the fact of the matter is that English has always been my strongest subject, and I always thought that I could basically pull a composition out of a hat: it was just that easy. Last semester, though, we pulled poems apart until all that remained of their beautiful fabric was the bare threads. And it made me realize how very meaningless my own compositions had always been: completely shallow, and utterly devoid of value. I wish someone had properly told me how to compose an extended metaphor, or really dwelt emphatically on the differences between metonymy and synecdoche. There is so much I have yet to learn... I only hope I have a chance to do so.

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Sandy said...

dear annie,
shut up. your an amazing writer. no one thinks what they write is good, martino said so.
<3 sandy