Thursday, June 18, 2009

Style and the Workplace

For those of you who don't know, upon the return of my European venture, I have landed an office job. I am far more proud of meeting my Mothers deadline of ending the job hunt- let me tell ya, it's something to be proud of. 
There is a problem (well, there's a few problems, but I'm only going to get into the one here). Every morning I am faced with a terrible challenge. I wake up, look in my closet and think, "oh St. Anne, what do I wear?" (there's no patron saint of fashion or stylists so I hit up the saint of seamstresses. St. Anne and I have had some deep chats.) 
When I was 5, I would refuse to wear anything that wasn't a skirt or a dress. I really did fancy myself a princess and pants were not the most princessy attire. I then progressed to not wearing jeans- EVER until I got a super cute embroidered pair when I was about nine. After that, I've learnt to LIVE in jeans. 
It's not just the comfort issue. I'm gonna lay it out here: I'm a tall girl. I'm 5'10" and most clothes are made for girls who are 5'6". Thats 4 inches of body that often gets weirdly distributed in the leg, which just so happens to be where I hold like all of my height. 
"But Sandy," You're probably saying right now, as most do, "I always have to hem my pants, it's so annoying." My response is simple: shut up. At least you CAN hem your pants. Have you ever tried to ADD fabric? I promise you, the results are gross and they look like, well you tried to add fabric to the bottom of pants. Little bottom panels also make legs look shorter. "Well Sandy," You're no doubt thinking, "Buy pants in long!" Ok,  I would like you to go out into town, and first off, LOCATE the pants in long, and secondly, find them in a size above 8. Good luck to ya. 

I just wish people who had to hem pants would stop complaining. Seriously, If you don't want to pay a tailor, learn to sew. Or do what my friends do and find a friend who sews- just make sure ya buy her dinner for those hems. Us Seamstresses deserve it.

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