Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the hardest part of travel...

People say that saving up is hard, they say that packing is hard... but what about deciding where you want to go?! 
My problem here is that I have the worst case of wanderlust known to mankind. It's the kind where your not sure where you want to go, you just kinda want to go everywhere. How on earth can you pick where to go if you want to go everywhere?! The two biggies I'm considering are Australia and Europe. 
I'm not talking going for a week or whatever, I'm thinking working holiday here. I can legally work anywhere in the EU, so all I have to do is get my Italian passport ready. I'd start in England and slowly move towards Ireland then come down and do the entirety of the continent, I'd come home, remake some money, brag to friends (lets be honest here.), save up a bit and head to Australia. 
If I went to Australia first, I'd get a working holiday visa for the max stay (I hear it's 6 months) Get a job, explore the country, do a bit of reckoning- I've become quite familiar with the act- then I'd head to New Zealand and Fiji and just max out all of my working holiday visas, come home, remake some money, brag to friends (honesty is the best policy!) save up a bit and head to Europe. 
Of course, Annie and Jen are debating doing European transfers, and this affects things. How awesome would it be to be living in Europe at the same time as them?! 
I'm totally at a crossroads and of course I know the decision is ultimately mine, but I'd like some opinions. I mean, a second perspective couldn't hurt. 

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