Tuesday, June 16, 2009

call me corny but....

Maybe I've been listening to too many cheesey love songs, but I've been thinking a lot about love and attraction. Well more the attraction bit, why do we like the people we do?
I've also thought a lot about types, what constitutes a type, and why are we attracted to them?

Science has it all down to, well a science with a bunch of crap about hormones and pheremones and other stuff perfume companies try to sell us, but I can't help thinking it might be something more. Think about about it: The human brain is a computer, but yet it's far more sophisticated than a computer. If the entire thing was left to smell, symmetry and waist to hip ratio.... well that sounds so analytical. A computer- mind you it'd have to be a super fancy, not-from-now one, would still be able to analyze it. It would definitely explain the whole having a physical type. 

Lets move away from the physical though. A lot of theorizing has been done on why women who stay in abusive relationships are more likely to get into another one. Wouldn't one thing it would be the opposite simply because they know the signs? Why do they say women always go for men who are like their fathers? I think that there must be something more there. I think that people are more linked to emotions than to physical attributes, but why? How can we figure out what attributes are most pleasing to people? They did it with physical stuff didn't they?

People turn to science for answers, but what if there's no answer to the simple complexities of the human brain. It seems so obvious: people like nice people. What constitutes as nice? Many find the textbook idea of a good person to be overbearing and judgmental. 

There aren't really answers are there, and I'm not sure if I like the idea of some old guy in a lab coat mixing chemicals or slicing brains (There was an article in wired) to try to figure it out. I mean, should we really let someone who came up with the idea to slice up the human brain decide how we link emotions?


groovacious said...

I think the link of science and attraction is interesting but yeah, I agree there is something more. Or is it a tendency of humans to think that there is something more? Hmm.
Attraction fascinates me too. I'm waiting till I'm ovulating to analyzne who I'm attracted to at that period.
Oprah is a good source of the attraction thing.

Sandy said...

now, i don't watch oprah, but ya have me thinking i should.
it's just like... they've put formulas to it, but what do formulas mean?!