Sunday, June 7, 2009

2 of 3 have returned! :D

Greetings all! I got back from Scotland on Wednesday and threw myself right back into life on the west coast. Scotland seems like a WORLD away even though that's where I was just four or five days ago.

First of all, we had fantastic luck with the weather. Scotland is not known for it's good weather, so I had come prepared with largely on the warmer side clothes and rain coat and such, but does it rain? Not once. By the time we got to Edinburgh it was even quite warm and sunny, and we actually had to buy sunscreen (or sun cream as they call it), which shocked me... I actually got a teeny burn on my neck, I was astounded. I had been expecting torrential downpours and cold wet feet, but not sunshine and burn fear. :S Crazy times.

Second of all, both of the places we stayed in (one in Glasgow one in Edinburgh) were quite nice, but the one in Edinburgh was much better. The apartment in Glasgow was very nice: it was a set of three old town houses that had been converted into a hotel, and they were very ornate and elegant, but they could have done with an update and a bit of a cleaning. Not stylistically updated, you understand: no one more than myself appreciates a good dose of 19th century decorating. But you shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort for elegance. Like, the seat cushions on all of the (wonderful old) chairs were COMPLETELY worn out, so that when you sat down they sank so low you could barely get up again. Plus the cot they gave us (me) to sleep on (Grandma got the real bed, it was only right...) creaked something terrible and had very little support, but it wasn't too too bad. The real problem with the apartment was that it was just too far away from town and anytime we went somewhere we had to get a taxi, which got a bit expensive.

The Edinburgh apartment was much newer and therefore more comfortable. Plus it had a couch bed so I got some decent sleep, finally. For whatever reason we made much better use of the kitchen in the Edinburgh apartment as well (Dad thinks it's because we weren't out visiting or on trips in the evenings so much). The only trouble in this apartment was that it could have used a good dust and vacuum around the corners (there were a few dust bunnies and cobwebs), but other than that it was fine. We made good use of the washing machine, as both of us were running low on clean clothes.

Third, the shopping was Far better in Glasgow than in Edinburgh. In Edinburgh it seemed like every store we passed was almost exactly the same as the last, all selling fake, mediocre kilts and clan memorabilia at over hiked prices. Glasgow seemed much more like a real place, because there were just Far too many tourists in Edinburgh. It didn't help that Princes Street was completely under construction as they put in a new tram line, and nearly everything in the city that we visited was either closed already or about to be so. In other words, Edinburgh was not a very encouraging place. My advice would be to visit Glasgow.

I hope everyone is enjoying the good weather that seems to extend all the way around the globe at the moment! Happy summer time.

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