Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some Things.

1) Today I started my four day job with Elections BC at the advance voting pole.

2) Very few people voted... It got me thinking about voter apathy. This is a problem that I am not sure how to fix.

3) The vest that I worked on today looks FANTASTIC but I am slightly nervous that it will be a little on the small side... I think it should work out, though.

Thank you, good people, for reading through my thoughts! I would like to remind anyone reading this from BC to please Vote, regardless of your political stripe, and to please support BC-STV, which is a much fairer system than the one we have now!


Sandy said...

i sat and knit today in class. so essentially i was paying to knit.
i like your way better.

Anonymous said...

I like my way better, too! :P But I think I'm going to take this post down (or at least edit it) because I don't want it to reflect on the job at all or anything (you know, bad work consequences because of things you say on the internet, that kind of thing).