Saturday, May 2, 2009

rock, flag, eagle

Just to write a little something before I'm off to bed.
I read Sandy's last blog and as I told her, I found it to be very moving as she connected her situation with human nature. Very introspective. (I'm psychic....see above)

I wanted to talk about tattoos and the meaning and abundace of them in modern society...conversing with friends and fan-ternet surfing sparked some interest. Of course, the numbers and acceptance of them has changed over the last few decades substantially. Really, my opinion of them keep changing. Like, some people get them for aesthetics, which is completely fine because it's the individual's body....but it's permanent. I know I wouldn't want a piece of jewellery or a colour of eyeshadow stuck to my body for the rest of my life. It's permanent accessorizing. But to me, it all changes when there's a long-lasting meaning attached to the tattoo.

ok, I'm going to use the example of David Cook. And no, I'm not obsessed =P. His heartthrob tattoo and brain cancer awareness ribbon on his chest symbolize his friends and their razzing and the love for his brother, respectively. I think this is something that stays with you forever...because they're memories and they represent important people who are in your life. Really, the fact that they were once in your life never changes. The connotation of these people could very well change, however. Sticking with the example, too many can really be too much. Today I was stalking his official site and I came across a picture of David's new tattoo: a colourful eagle with the words "Rock Flag Eagle" inscripted in it. Theories: it could be something frivolous and ostentatious (probably not because all 5 of his tats mean something), it could be taken from a line in "Always Sunny in Philidelphia", or it could be to commemorate his USO tour. I really hope it's the third. This means that he has a tattoo on both arms in the same place...underside of the bicep. When you have too many, the other ones really do lose a lot of their significance. I think one more may be the tipping point of the "too much".

So, I just have to say that tattoos CAN be something special and something that physically represent aspects of the self (wearing your heart on your sleeve, anyone?) if used with taste. That's my take on the matter anyway. Now, if DC would just get his arse in the Pacific westcoast...

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