Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back from Alaska!!

I got back from the wonderful, scenic, lazy vacation on Saturday. It made me even more lazy....I've barely done anything since I got back because I'm so used to being waited on, having my bed made for me everyday, and having the dinner napkin put on my lap. I'm not even kidding, they do EVERYTHING on that ship for you....well, except for spoon-feeding you haha! Simply put, it was awesome! I thought I'd be tired of cruising the 3rd time around or whatever, but boy was I surprised! This time, I think I was more into the scenic cruising destinations, especially Glacier Bay. It's breathtaking. The old towns of Alaska are pretty neat as well. I'd love to go back! It feels like my second home now! =P I kept a bit of a journal, as much as time allowed me to at least. It's hard to find downtime on a cruise vacation because there's just SO many fun things to do at all hours. Even when it's just a day at sea! The seasickness didn't hit me as hard this time. And yes, I had my first legal gambling experience onboard the ms. Zuiderdam :P. And the broadway shows were insane, and I always love the magic shows! I always hit the nightclub too haha! 18 is the legal age for pretty much everything onboard, aside from drinking. Speaking of vertigo, I'm still feeling it too. I'm riding imaginary waves!!! lol. Bought lots of stuff. I really don't want to get back to real life....I have to catch up on 3 chapters of reading...and I thought I was lazy before.

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