Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back from Alaska!!

I got back from the wonderful, scenic, lazy vacation on Saturday. It made me even more lazy....I've barely done anything since I got back because I'm so used to being waited on, having my bed made for me everyday, and having the dinner napkin put on my lap. I'm not even kidding, they do EVERYTHING on that ship for you....well, except for spoon-feeding you haha! Simply put, it was awesome! I thought I'd be tired of cruising the 3rd time around or whatever, but boy was I surprised! This time, I think I was more into the scenic cruising destinations, especially Glacier Bay. It's breathtaking. The old towns of Alaska are pretty neat as well. I'd love to go back! It feels like my second home now! =P I kept a bit of a journal, as much as time allowed me to at least. It's hard to find downtime on a cruise vacation because there's just SO many fun things to do at all hours. Even when it's just a day at sea! The seasickness didn't hit me as hard this time. And yes, I had my first legal gambling experience onboard the ms. Zuiderdam :P. And the broadway shows were insane, and I always love the magic shows! I always hit the nightclub too haha! 18 is the legal age for pretty much everything onboard, aside from drinking. Speaking of vertigo, I'm still feeling it too. I'm riding imaginary waves!!! lol. Bought lots of stuff. I really don't want to get back to real life....I have to catch up on 3 chapters of reading...and I thought I was lazy before.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Vertigo....... it doubles as a song!

For the longest time I had no clue what vertigo meant. I honestly thought it was a word Marianas Trench made up. It's something they would do. Well, I'm sitting at an internet place in Greece and let me tell ya. Vertigo. I'm gonna be throwing up on the bus tomorrow.

Well actually I really hope not.... I don't want to give the tour guide E50, and I don't want to be the first one to throw up on the bus.

I've decided when I get home I'll write all the non raunchy bits of my travel journal up here, and give you all a full detail of my entire trip! Are you jazzed? I'm jazzed. Jazzy Jazzers!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

24 Hour Countdown Begins in... 2 Hours.

In keeping with the theme that seems to be developing, I thought I would just throw up a little post mentioning that I, too, am leaving. I am the last to go, though, as I'm leaving on a jet plane tomorrow. Let me tell you, killing time has been difficult since everybody left...

Anyway! I still haven't told you where I'm going. Is the suspense killing you? I hope so.

I am going to SCOTLAND!!! :D With my Scottish grandma, no less. Methinks I shall have a blast, yes? Absolutely. We're going to Glasgow for the first of two weeks, then Edinburgh for another week, and then home. She will show me around, plus I have a list and books and we can find info everywhere and all kinds of things! I might also go up to Loch Ness for a day! :D How rad is that?

And so, I shall wish myself bon voyage and see you all when I get back!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Alaska Vacaaation

Don't you just love that word? Vacation? *raises hand* So I'm leaving tomorrow...make that today....on a cruise!! To Alaska!! I've been there twice before, but it was a while ago. I plan to get a lot more out of it this time around. Can't wait to get some awesome snapshots of some wildlife and hundreds-of-years old glaciers. I hope it won't be usually does in Juneau. Reminds me of Vancouver. I was rushing around like a madwoman today gathering up everything I needed for the week...definitely underestimated the time to do all that. I did get it done though. Can't wait for the 5-star dining and service!! =) And the formalwear...and the shopping...and everything. I'll be back in van-city next Saturday. See you guys soon.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So, I guess I'm leaving for Europe tomorrow... wow. My flight leaves at 3, wow. I can't believe it- I'm going for month, wow. 
Thats all thats been going through my mind lately, wow. I'm all prepped, I'm pretty much packed.
For those of you who don't know I started writing a music blog for Part of me leaving was having enough articles in to cover that while I'm away. I'm done that too. I know I'm leaving, like my body's processed it but... Something tells me no, your not really going. It's weird. I think because I've been planning it since forever it still feels like a theoretical idea, ya know? 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some Things.

1) Today I started my four day job with Elections BC at the advance voting pole.

2) Very few people voted... It got me thinking about voter apathy. This is a problem that I am not sure how to fix.

3) The vest that I worked on today looks FANTASTIC but I am slightly nervous that it will be a little on the small side... I think it should work out, though.

Thank you, good people, for reading through my thoughts! I would like to remind anyone reading this from BC to please Vote, regardless of your political stripe, and to please support BC-STV, which is a much fairer system than the one we have now!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why British guitar teachers are necessary

So I picked up my guitar today and played a few chords. After a few minutes, my fingers really started to hurt. Dang....lost the hard-earned callouses. See, that's what happens when school happens. I kept telling myself, ok, when exams are over I'll practice everyday like I usually do. That didn't seems that I even procrastinate with hobbies now lol! So, I'll be setting up a few more dates with the British guitar teacher on DVD and my guitar in the near future, I'm sure! The fun-times need to be pain free!! =)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

it's like a cloud of maybe.

I think it's human nature to always doubt our abilities, at least once in a while. This brings me to the classic question in human psychology: nature vs. nurture. Is this trend toward never thinking you're good enough a byproduct of people just naturally doing it because they honestly don't think they are, or if it's because it's so ingrained into us. I mean, first off as a child there's always that douchebag in our class who is like faster and smarter and better so we have that "timmy will always be better than me even though he eats paste and can't keep his shirt on" complex. Or maybe it's the whole modesty thing. I mean sure, confidence is attractive, but no one likes the guy who's like "I rock at this! I'm the best! I know I'm so awesome and in 10 years they will all say Timmy is great and paste is the new superfood and it worked so well that Timmy and everyone else who eats paste can go shirtless for the rest of their days." (seriously though, don't eat paste. it tastes terrible even if you dilute it.) What if Timmy is really just insecure and putting on a mask and is just a really good actor? 

I'm a pretty good actress (look at me doing it, I've watched film of myself, I didn't recognize myself and caught me thinking "that girls good!" so I guess I'm good). I am confident, and I do know that I don't suck, but I always wonder if things could be different. What if I jumped that extra mile, what if I had done that? What if I hadn't done that?

That last ones been the kicker lately. 
People who know the extent of the situation say it wasn't my fault, it was the fault of the person who abused the privilege I gave them and then lied to me about it. I agree that that is true; however, I gave them the privilege. I didn't have to trust them but I did. No one was forcing me to, and in this situation they'd abused privileges before but I trusted them. I was confident in the situation and didn't think they could fuck it up as colossally as they did. I just don't want to be some senescent lump in a rocking chair wondering if my Scampers scampered away because of what I did or what someone else did, or lets just call it what happened. 

So what have we learnt? I'd like to say that the moral of the story is to cover up your emotions and not trust people. Be the overconfident douchebag or the feel shitty about yourself mouse. I wish I could say that, but it's so unnatural. People are meant to be social, to take risks, to love and to sometimes regret and wish. People were meant to hope. I'm sorry to all the people who say I should give up on my hope and I realize I'm annoying you more than anything ever could. Thanks for putting up with it, and I really, really hope you'll continue to do so because I can't give up on my hope. It's all I have in this situation right now. Hope and a cloud of maybe. 

rock, flag, eagle

Just to write a little something before I'm off to bed.
I read Sandy's last blog and as I told her, I found it to be very moving as she connected her situation with human nature. Very introspective. (I'm psychic....see above)

I wanted to talk about tattoos and the meaning and abundace of them in modern society...conversing with friends and fan-ternet surfing sparked some interest. Of course, the numbers and acceptance of them has changed over the last few decades substantially. Really, my opinion of them keep changing. Like, some people get them for aesthetics, which is completely fine because it's the individual's body....but it's permanent. I know I wouldn't want a piece of jewellery or a colour of eyeshadow stuck to my body for the rest of my life. It's permanent accessorizing. But to me, it all changes when there's a long-lasting meaning attached to the tattoo.

ok, I'm going to use the example of David Cook. And no, I'm not obsessed =P. His heartthrob tattoo and brain cancer awareness ribbon on his chest symbolize his friends and their razzing and the love for his brother, respectively. I think this is something that stays with you forever...because they're memories and they represent important people who are in your life. Really, the fact that they were once in your life never changes. The connotation of these people could very well change, however. Sticking with the example, too many can really be too much. Today I was stalking his official site and I came across a picture of David's new tattoo: a colourful eagle with the words "Rock Flag Eagle" inscripted in it. Theories: it could be something frivolous and ostentatious (probably not because all 5 of his tats mean something), it could be taken from a line in "Always Sunny in Philidelphia", or it could be to commemorate his USO tour. I really hope it's the third. This means that he has a tattoo on both arms in the same place...underside of the bicep. When you have too many, the other ones really do lose a lot of their significance. I think one more may be the tipping point of the "too much".

So, I just have to say that tattoos CAN be something special and something that physically represent aspects of the self (wearing your heart on your sleeve, anyone?) if used with taste. That's my take on the matter anyway. Now, if DC would just get his arse in the Pacific westcoast...