Sunday, April 19, 2009

What happens to guided writing after high school.

for those of you who don't know, i have a mild obsession with those facebook survey things. last night i did an amazing one that prompted me to write mini essays which i'm pretty sure were only read by annie. 
since i think i actually had some valid points in these, i'm going to answer them in more detailed ways here. 
this may or may not be because i've been really uninspired lately and have turned to guided writing. if i have something actually interesting going on in my head though, i'll do that. 

First Question: What would you do if you won the lottery?
First off, i'd have to know what type of lottery it is. If i won two bucks off of a scratch card I would probably jump up and down in sheer happiness, which is kind of sad because i mean, it's $2. but then, i've come to the conclusion that people think my major excitement over minor things is sad and childish but my view is simple: if you were to only get excited over something really big that happened then you'd have a really boring really crappy life. happiness and overreaction keep things interesting, keep the happiness and life in someone. 
However, if i did win the big one, i'd love to say i'd donate all the money to charity and make the world better or whatever, but the first thing I'd do is buy a plane ticket to ontario. I had a terrible thought the other day and it's been plaguing me ever since: January was probably the last time I'm ever going to see my Grandma. Such an amazing person, and I feel like I hardly know her or any of my dad's family. I don't even write to her, how hard is it to grab the phone, or whip up a letter? At the same time though, I don't think I can spend more than a week in Peterborough at a time because well, i'm considered pretty chill in my family, and when i'm considered chill lord knows what everyone else is like. Also, i mean.... now don't get me wrong, i love the country, and i think if i had a like farm or forest to explore or a place to roam around and get my feet wet in i could do it, but it's hard staying inside all the time. i need to be able to know a city well enough to roam around and have something to do.

When I was two months old I moved to Spain. One day my mother was walking with a friend when a gypsy came up to her and started talking. Despite being fluent in Italian, my mother couldn't and still cannot speak or understand much Spanish. The Gypsy never mentioned the word for money, but instead started waving her arms about, "oh look, she's doing a dance!" was all my mother could comprehend. After she left her friend turned to her and said, "you know she just put a curse on Sandra right?" 
I got told that story when I was 12 and ever since crepuscular thoughts have pondered what i might have been fated too.
one of the most common theories is that I have an innate sense of boredom. no matter how exciting or amazing my life gets i still feel like nothings happening, like i have no friends and i'm just a big mess that has no real benefits. Maybe it's more of a laziness or a lack of self satisfaction. who knows. 
Anyway, i think i've successfully proven what I figured out in high school, guided writing doesn't work because when writing earnestly one cannot possibly stay on a topic. 

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