Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Blog!!

So, this being my very first blog on this most aweome blog site, I would like to introduce myself! My name is Jennifer, but I prefer Jen (people call me Jennifer when they're either angry or flabbergasted at me). I'm 18 and am currently a student at Simon Fraser Univers-i-tee (sorry, Terry the light tech's accent is getting to me ahaha). As of now, I'm focusing my area of study on Communicatons and Psychology. I would like to thank Sandy and roses_are_red for allowing me to contribute to this blog. Love ya gals! <3

Stemming from the University-talk segway, I feel very relieved and unburdened because I wrote my last exam of the semester....which means that I've pretty much completed my first year of university...woah. I do have to say after these past 2 semesters of university education and all of grade school, the consequences of exam and academic preparation are becoming more and more explicit. I use the fancy term that is semi-fabricated of anti-relational interdepence (as seen on my Twitter). It's basically a flexible wall put between you and important people in your lives when other priorities exist. I say it's flexible because you do have some control over the matter. But sometimes, the fact that we have control just isn't enough. Pressure it parental, academic, peer, or just having-a-good-life-when-you-"grow-up" (yeah, I definitely will be grown up after all my education is done with). This comes from a personal experience a few days ago, where, because of studying, I chose not to visit my Grandma in the hospital after a fall because I reasoned that I visted her the day before. Ipso facto, I missed a visit from my Uncle, Aunt, and cousin who I rarely see. Now, I'm not the one to use external attributions, but still....the situation was 90% out of my hands. So, do academic pursuits severely weaken one's social bonds? Do they screw up our priorities? How much control do we really have over situations like above?

Just had to make that little spiel now that a little vacation of mine is starting, free of academia!! =) =) What better way to start it than to have a Twilight party with some of my favourite people!! Let the swooning, bonding, and Edward vs. Jacob war begin!!!!

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