Tuesday, April 28, 2009

excitement + PSA sandy style.

ok, now that the excitement is over, i'll explain. 
for the past couple of months i've been waiting for a corset i got custom made. i had to get it custom because i have a long torso and i wanted it higher so i'd be like boobs, but not BOOBS! ya know?
anyway, i finally have it. it's black satin and dear god i love it. 

as for other points of interest i went to belly dancing. 
ok, pause. 
a think about the swine flu just came on tv and i'm a little scared. pandemics get me, more so since i've started taking public transit. i was on skytrain this morning and someone coughed and like i freaked a bit. like by coughed i mean HACKED. 

so heres my announcement for the day: 
if you are sick, stay home. 
just don't get me sick. stay. home.

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