Friday, March 27, 2009

More politics... (This one is still an issue!)

The provincial budget in BC has hugely scaled back on funding to post-secondary education. As far as I know, both SFU and UBC are being hard-hit by these budget cuts, although I wouldn't be surprised if SFU is being harder hit. Apart from this being outrageous (in the most literal sense of the word), they are masking it by taking the funds they cut from some areas and adding them to others. I mean, it's like cutting off someone's foot and telling them "but if you hold onto it and try to walk on your hands, it'll still work!" Unbelievable.

This week what really got me down about this was that I found out on Monday that they are considering closing down the entire department of humanities (not the arts and social sciences faculty, that's a different thing) up at SFU as a result of the budget cuts. I mean, where does the provincial government get off essentially deciding what kind of education we can get? A friend of mine is currently working on a minor in the humanities. What is she supposed to do with all the work that she's put in over the years if the department she was studying in disappears? The entire Arts and Social Sciences faculty is suffering hugely, and I have to say I am DISGUSTED by this. Why are the sciences and business faculties more important than the arts? Is the government trying to build some kind of elitist society that only thinks with one side of their brain??? (Not that that side is in any way inferior, it's very important: we just need a well-rounded society, and one that is entirely focused on science won't cut it).

In any case, I am rather ticked off with the government. The two good things I will say about Gordon Campbell are that he supports STV, and he supports a carbon tax. Otherwise, gtfo of my legislature.

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