Thursday, March 19, 2009

the issues are issues until no one cares, then there just... things.

you know what i find increasingly entertaining? 

that if something like annie's political thing- i think it's stv. which i think was a fabulous comedy show way back when. well maybe not fabulous. no, it was fabulous. kids in the hall was the slightly less fabulous one, except for the these are the daves i know song. how many years later and i still can hear the "these are the daves i know i know! these are the daves i know!" gooooooood times. 

anyway, i'm not going to be for or against it because i'm not sure it's the right thing. i don't know why, but something about it makes me unsure. maybe it's because if we conglomerate all the mp's, how are we supposed to decide the prime minister? 
anyway, all i'm going to be saying, is aside from annie, no ones kerfuffling. when i watch the california channel at my nonna's every second ad is a persuasion ad telling you to vote this or vote that on whatever issue. i seriously think i saw a hard hat law on one. like, people there are really into it. 
here no one really knows about anything. does this mean we don't care? maybe thats why voter turnout was so low this year. all the old people do it, but really people in my demographic have lost the will to really comprehend the issues, let alone form opinions about them. then there's the people with strong opinions making the ads. 

i think it might be a bit of an issue of speech. everyone is so focused on being open minded and politically correct that were at the point where the only way to not offend someone is to not think. i think we need to accept the fact that people argue and thats ok. 
the whole world isn't sugar coated, so if someone pisses you off, accept and deal with it. lets get our opinions back, ya with me?


Anonymous said...

Two things: first, the awesome show whose name is similar to STV is Second City TV (SCTV). Second, I'm pretty sure (though I could be wrong) that the federal election's voter turn out was so low because it was a totally unnecessary election and everyone knew nothing was going to change.

And one other thing... STV is provincial (at this point), not federal. We're talking MLA's and Premiers, here. And there will still be the same number of MLA's, so we can still count it by the party who has the most seats. It's just a fairer way of counting those seats.

Thank you for bearing with me :P

Sandy said...

well regardless of the facts, people still aren't so into this whole movement, why don't we have the same drive for our political issues?

Anonymous said...

I know, I don't understand why people are so complacent right now... There are so many things that have regressed in the last couple of years (health care, education, for instance... I still can't believe Brian Mulroney sold all those crown corporations...) It's all rather depressing, really.