Friday, March 27, 2009

More politics... (This one is still an issue!)

The provincial budget in BC has hugely scaled back on funding to post-secondary education. As far as I know, both SFU and UBC are being hard-hit by these budget cuts, although I wouldn't be surprised if SFU is being harder hit. Apart from this being outrageous (in the most literal sense of the word), they are masking it by taking the funds they cut from some areas and adding them to others. I mean, it's like cutting off someone's foot and telling them "but if you hold onto it and try to walk on your hands, it'll still work!" Unbelievable.

This week what really got me down about this was that I found out on Monday that they are considering closing down the entire department of humanities (not the arts and social sciences faculty, that's a different thing) up at SFU as a result of the budget cuts. I mean, where does the provincial government get off essentially deciding what kind of education we can get? A friend of mine is currently working on a minor in the humanities. What is she supposed to do with all the work that she's put in over the years if the department she was studying in disappears? The entire Arts and Social Sciences faculty is suffering hugely, and I have to say I am DISGUSTED by this. Why are the sciences and business faculties more important than the arts? Is the government trying to build some kind of elitist society that only thinks with one side of their brain??? (Not that that side is in any way inferior, it's very important: we just need a well-rounded society, and one that is entirely focused on science won't cut it).

In any case, I am rather ticked off with the government. The two good things I will say about Gordon Campbell are that he supports STV, and he supports a carbon tax. Otherwise, gtfo of my legislature.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

the issues are issues until no one cares, then there just... things.

you know what i find increasingly entertaining? 

that if something like annie's political thing- i think it's stv. which i think was a fabulous comedy show way back when. well maybe not fabulous. no, it was fabulous. kids in the hall was the slightly less fabulous one, except for the these are the daves i know song. how many years later and i still can hear the "these are the daves i know i know! these are the daves i know!" gooooooood times. 

anyway, i'm not going to be for or against it because i'm not sure it's the right thing. i don't know why, but something about it makes me unsure. maybe it's because if we conglomerate all the mp's, how are we supposed to decide the prime minister? 
anyway, all i'm going to be saying, is aside from annie, no ones kerfuffling. when i watch the california channel at my nonna's every second ad is a persuasion ad telling you to vote this or vote that on whatever issue. i seriously think i saw a hard hat law on one. like, people there are really into it. 
here no one really knows about anything. does this mean we don't care? maybe thats why voter turnout was so low this year. all the old people do it, but really people in my demographic have lost the will to really comprehend the issues, let alone form opinions about them. then there's the people with strong opinions making the ads. 

i think it might be a bit of an issue of speech. everyone is so focused on being open minded and politically correct that were at the point where the only way to not offend someone is to not think. i think we need to accept the fact that people argue and thats ok. 
the whole world isn't sugar coated, so if someone pisses you off, accept and deal with it. lets get our opinions back, ya with me?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So, if you're living in BC, you may (or may not) have heard about something called the Single Transferable Vote, or STV. I would like to talk to you a little about why this lovely system has been floating around lately.

In 2001, we had a provincial election. The BC Liberal Party took (quite literally) all but two of the seats in the BC legislature in that election. Thus, the Citizens' Assembly for Electoral Reform came into being, and consisted of one man and one woman from every provincial riding in our wonderful province. This assembly looked into all kinds of ways to fix the electoral system that had allowed such a colossal majority without the same level of public support, and found the STV. They voted more than 90% in favour of this system as a means of fixing our government.

Four years later, in 2005, there was a referendum in BC. When we had our provincial election, there was an extra question on the ballot. The question was this:

Should British Columbia change to the BC STV electoral system as recommended by the Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform?

The threshold for changing over to the STV system was 60%, higher than the required threshold for the Quebec separatist referendum in 1995. BC voted in favour of STV by a majority of only a little more than 57%. For this reason, we are still using the First-Past-The-Post system.

Now what is STV, you say? It is a system of Proportional Representation in Government. That means that the number of elected officials in government will reflect the amount of popular support they have among the populace. For example, if the green party has 8% of popular support, they will also have close to 8% of the seats.

The number of seats in parliament doesn't change, but the way that candidates run and that ridings are organized will. For example, an area that currently contains 5 ridings might be amalgamated into one large riding. In this riding, the same number of candidates that run under the current system would campaign during the election; that is to say that each party would run five candidates for this one super-riding. Voters would then pick and choose which politicians they would like to have represent them by numbering them off in order of preference. You don't even have to number off every candidate: if you only want to select eight, four or two of the given candidates, that's fine. Choose as many as you like; just make sure you don't give any candidate the same number. You've all done this before, I'm sure, in one form or another; it's the same as being given a list of films and marking them off in order of preference.

When the votes are counted, they are put into groups. Each person's first choice is initially counted, but if the number of votes for that candidate does not reach the threshold to gain a seat (which would be different in every riding depending on the voter turn out), then the person's second choice would be counted instead. This process would continue until each of the seats for the riding are filled and each ballot has been put towards a vote of some kind. In this way, everyone gets some level of representation, rather than being completely cut out of the governing process, as occurs often under the current system.

In this way, each large ridings would have a group of representatives instead of just one. There would therefore be a level of cooperation necessary to represent each riding, and everyone would have some say in the decisions made, rather than having the views of one party governing all.

If this sounds like a good idea to you (and you live in BC and can vote), then VOTE YES TO BC STV!!!

If you need more infos, check out

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

make. it. stop.

thank god this is over in 64 days. if it was even one day longer i would probably have to kill myself. 
it's only been a half hour into class and my "teacher" has already insulted me and discouraged me. like why am i here? shouldn't they be trying to get people into the dying industry? not discouraging them so all they do is feel like crap. yesterday we got talked to about not posting negative things about the school on fb during class time. i blocked the director. 

i actually woke up this morning and thought i would have a good day. but i guess i forgot i had to go here.

Monday, March 2, 2009

oh the things school does to me.

i hate this place. 
i'm getting really frustrated with show production, like we're doing a worksheet and like, ok, everyone has to read their answers. 
oh dear god, she's looking right at me, does she know i'm dissing her on the internest? 
ok, i think i'm ok. anyway, 
it's like i'm really sick with people being babies in this class, were all supposed to be adults, yet the two youngest are the only ones who get it.