Saturday, February 28, 2009

maybe I should be one of those people who hate organized religion.

It's really easy to tell when people clearly don't want you around. 
I was briefly involved in this catholic thing for students called cco. every month they do this prayer thing, and the one time i went, it was amazing. i went to toronto for it. i had so much fun, everybody from not vancouver was super welcoming. however, the girl i originally started it with constantly ditched me. 
i wanted to find out where the monthly thing was tonight, and so for the past week i've been calling her and fbing her, but she just hasn't responded. I finally called her tonight- one last chance and she informed me that her and "a bunch of friends are going." did she invite me in with this group of friends? no. she did not. theres nothing that makes you feel crappier than when someone is showing all the signs they don't want you around, it'd just be easier to be "I don't want you coming." it'd hurt less and then at least I wouldn't make excuses for her. Truth is, this would've probably happened all over again next month, but it won't. I get it. it sucks and it hurts, but i get it. 


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry =(

Sandy said...

it happens, i just need to look at my friends and see who really is like.. good, ya know?