Monday, February 16, 2009

The Magical Main Street Knitting Adventure

We might as well get the most important points out of the way as quickly as possible, and those are my purchases. They are/were as follows:

1 (one) skein of Cascade 220 in a lovely goldenrod yellow that doesn’t appear to have a name…
1 (one) 2.5 mm crochet hook for my leg warmers
1 (one) copy of the Blue Sky Alpaca Scoop Neck Vest

And now, the events of the day.

I started off by going over to the bank machine at lougheed mall to get some cash. Then I got on the skytrain, got off at Commercial station and caught the 99 B-Line to Main St. The #3 Main then took me up to Three Bags Full, where I was supposed to meet with the other knitters/shoppers. Lin (the organizer of the club/trip) happened to be on the same #3 as me, so we chatted and showed up late together, both having underestimated the amount of time it took to get from North East Burnaby to Main Street. Ginny was already in TBF waiting for us, and we three turned out to be the only ones who showed up (which wasn’t entirely unexpected, but was fine/still fun). We toddled about in there for a while, and I got my vest pattern (the store manager person found it for me, I think Emma said her name was Kitty?), Lin and Ginny both got some hemp and a few other skeins of yarn that I didn’t notice the type of. I noticed the cascade 220 in the yellow but couldn’t decide what I would do with it, so I left it.
We then sauntered on down to Birkland Bros. We wandered by my FAVOURITE store in the entire lower mainland, a place called Lazy Susan. It’s essentially an assembly of the coolest vintagey-type accessories and knick-knacks you could ever want. It was closed, however… that was really disappointing. Once we got to Birkland Bros., I got my crochet hook (for the heel slit of the leg warmers I’m working on), even though it was technically .25 mm too small. I couldn’t find 2.75 mm crochet hooks at either place. They must not exist… I’m just going to go a little loose on this, which shouldn’t be too difficult, as I’m a loose knitter/crocheter at the best of times. I still had the yellow cascade 220 on my mind, but we were all getting a little hungry by this time, so we had a lunch type break over at Bean Around the World, the coffee shop across the street. I had a yummy pumpkin spice muffin and steamed milk.
After this, I decided to go back up to Three Bags Full for the yellow cascade 220. I had decided that a slouchy beret would be appropriate in that colour, and that, given my loud personality, I could probably pull it off. Ginny and I went back up, but Lin had to go and return some socks at MEC, so we parted ways at the café.
As Ginny and I headed back up the street, we passed the Regional Assembly of Text (at least I think that’s what it’s called). She made herself a button, which I could definitely do some time… I must look into it. There were five million things in there that I would love to buy, not least of which are the squillions of old type writers lying around. I don’t know that those are on sale, though. Oh well, I’ll find out next time. It was really just a generally wonderful place.
Once we got back into Three Bags Full, we were basically the only ones there. I suppose it was because it was essentially lunch time… In any case, I made a b-line for the yellow cascade. I asked one of the ladies which hat she suggested I make with it, and she showed me a cably beret that I did quite like, but then the manager person (again, kitty?) said I should just look for a free pattern on Ravelry, there are TONS. I have since done this, and she was not wrong. (For those of you who don’t know, Ravelry is a website that is essentially facebook focused entirely on knitting and crocheting). So all I bought was the yarn in the end, but I have a few patterns in mind for it now, thanks to the magic of the Internet.
Ginny and I caught a bus down to the main street skytrain station and headed back to Production. As soon as I got home I started searching for a hat pattern, and now I’m going to work on my leg warmers. Today has been a good day indeed.


Sandy said...

we must start a knitting circle. a big one.

♥cherry. le. fait. said...

how fun! i used to crochet, but i never have time these days. a beret?! i HAVE to find the pattern.