Sunday, January 25, 2009

to do

it's the worlds strangest phenomenon: every time i go to start homework i end up getting out the travel books and just plan to go. i have like 8 plans in total, but i think the best one is the simple idea of work where it's safe, volunteer where it's not. 

in class on wed. we had to do a list of 5 fantasy lives. everyone did things like "i want to go here, i want to be this." i really had a problem with it. travel is not on my "fantasy" list, it's on my to do list.  i got reprimanded for believing that fantasy is crap? 

ok, well maybe it's not crap... being able to think what if is always nice. but for me it's more like "what if i had a sister?" "what if i was popular in high school?" fantasy is what i can't change, and i like to keep it that. 

i guess it all ties together-ish. the basic thing, travel is on my to do list. i WILL do it. 
and i probably won't have naturally bright red hair and bigger lips. 
get it?


♥cherry. le. fait. said...

sure do get it! a to-do of mine is to get a degree and become a functioning and valuable adult. my fantasy is to accomplish this with my sanity still in tact. i get it.

Sandy said...

thank you!
idk, i'm still mad about it.... it's like no.
random but i was watching whatchamacallit oh! yes, clips from gentleman prefer blondes and i was watching diamonds are a girls best friend and she said "no!" at the beginning of it and like swatted her fan at the guys.
it made me think of that.