Friday, January 9, 2009

I miss the nineties...

There is nothing on TV. Ever. With the exception of one set of shows; old (amazing) nineties sitcom reruns.

They're starting to take over TV, during the day at least. Primetime is still full of hospital dramas and reality shows, not to mention horrid gameshows. In any case, I think the resurgence of these shows is proof that human nature should not be made to take its own flaws so seriously all the time. The fact of the matter is that we miss comedy, but the TV industry hasn't quite caught up with that yet, so we're being made to relive ancient episodes of Home Improvement, The Fresh Prince, and Seinfeld, in all their high-waisted-jean and mullet-filled glory. Personally, I'm loving it; these shows are infinitely better than more than half of what is getting pumped out for our "entertainment" these days. However, I'd still like something new... this is why 30 rock makes me happy ^_^ Finally someone's brought back a sitcom... And there are others, like Arrested Development, short lived though it was, bringing back the almost lost, but not forgotten, art of making people laugh and feel good about themselves, because they see their own flaws in these characters. And even if they don't, then they often become so ridiculous that it doesn't matter. These are great shows, and I wish we could have more of them.

Now all we need are the old nineties cartoons to come back, and I might actually watch some TV occasionally.

P.S. I would love Hugh Laurie to go back to his properly comedic roots, too... Blackadder and Wooster Forever!!!

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♥cherry. le. fait. said...

the 90s indeed produced some of the best TV, in my opinion. which cartoons?