Tuesday, January 13, 2009

hot dam, i love surveys!

today i was greeted by an envelope from the burnaby school district. my first thought was, "oh shit! did i not grad?!" but it was just a survey. Since I go a little crazy with comment sections, I decided to share my response to high school.
enjoy :)

Alpha really was just a crap school, they couldn't even keep my math provincal grades straight which really put me behind and cancelled all chances of me going to a proper university. 

The switch to mountain was the best thing i've ever done, it was really a warm environment. People weren't all about the cliques. 

As for teachers, I had some the really stood out. At Alpha, Ms. Meltzer, Ms. Leung, Ms. Morgan and Mr. Morton rocked, and at mountain Ms. Yakiwchuck gets special mention. 

Speaking of Ms. Yakiwchuck, I recently went back to mountain to attend a drama performance my cousin was in. It deeply saddened me to see that the store was closed. Honestly, the store was the only reason I went to school. I had to do a better job than these two horrid divas in my class. Let the kids have their candy and capitalism. School district, I am sorry, you are not their parents and food control is the job of the parents. 

I also strongly disagree with the P.E system. I do not kick balls and run, I do plies and jetes. I don't want to be in a class with a testosterone driven hoard of boys who want to play hockey/basketball/soccer/volleyball. Some kids hate sport. There is nothing wrong with this. At parent teacher nights we were shoveled all this crap about how PE is about fitness for life. How many idiotic boys and prissy girls do you think still play hockey/basketball/soccer/volleyball? None! they get drunk at "awesome" frat parties and rely on procreation for their main form of physical activity- Go sex ed! 

Which brings me to another segment of this survey. I know abstinence-only sex education is far from effective, but I don't recall abstinence or methods of being intimate besides sex even being mentioned. If FOCA passes in the US there is very little doubt that Canada will soon have similar laws. Abortion rates for girls aged as young as 11 or 12 will rise. 13 year old girls need to be taught that even though people still insist upon a futile debate about whether or not it's murder, one must agree that the emotional and physical side effects of an abortion or sex in general are far too much for a young girl to handle because she didn't know there were other ways to have a good relationship and be intimate. I can gladly speak to virginity and say it works.

I am sure your questions on work preparation are referring to planning 10. Planning 10 was the biggest waste of my life, ever. My teacher- Ms. O'Reilly was absolutely fabulous, but at 15 i wasn't even a little bit prepared to think about what i wanted to do with my life. A course like this is a decent (ish) idea for a 12th grader, but grade 10 is too young. 

As for choosing a career, I don't feel there was much diversity in the jobs presented to me. What if I wanted to be a fabric sourcer? An import/export consultant? A liquor agent? A dog breeder?
Don't get me wrong, high school didn't completely suck all of the time. There are just many opportunities for improvement and very few for me to voice my ideas. Thank you very much for reading and considering my comments. 
S. Smith

P.S: the environment is dying, cut down on the paper and eliminate staples.


♥cherry. le. fait. said...

i bet the receiver of your survey loved it too! haha.. pliés and jetés. that's plenty physical education if you ask me! it's a lot more fun and beautiful that volleyball, too.

Sandy said...

exactly! i mailed it today all smug like :)