Wednesday, January 7, 2009

fake internet confidence

You hear a lot of negative crap about those people, generally girls, who add everyone they've ever said two words too on facebook. ok, sure it gets annoying getting a friend request from someone you said hi to once, but think about it: imagine how much confidence it takes to add someone and risk not being added back. 
ok, i guess i should explain how this happened, i met someone in toronto that i really would've liked to talk to more, and now i want to, but i can't add them on facebook because it's like, "do they remember me? will they think i'm weird and random?" 
i don't know about anyone else, but it's like that with people i thought were my friends too. it's like "did you really like me? will you ignore me?" i mean, if they really liked me wouldn't they add me first? 
i think the main problem with my brain is that instead of doing schoolwork, i'm thinking about why people don't add people on facebook and singing and dancing to fancy on my bed. 


♥cherry. le. fait. said...

the internet allows us to hide behind a monitor, so this confidence is lovely, transparent, and [hopefully in your case] effective!!!
my word verification is "stank," by the way. i laughed :)

Anonymous said...

Well even if you are having a confidence void kind of day, m'dear, at least you're having a great time doing it! :P

Sandy said...

its how i roll :)
btw, the stank makes me happy