Saturday, December 6, 2008


I started writing a song, well, that was my intention. 
it turned into this: 

I know I am loved
I used to not believe, I was spoken to
People hate me for this love. 

Love is not hate, it is not jealous. 
Love is not selfish, love is kind. 
I know this, for I know I am loved. 

I am constantly under the spell this love casts. 
Like a prisoner that doesn't want to freed. 
I am happy. 

I distrust this love often, how can I be loved so greatly? 
I test this love
I shamefully do things I know will destroy this love. 

I am still loved. 

This love defines me. Above all, it is what I want to be known for. 
I don't want to be known for my hate and greed. 
I want to be known for sharing love, so everyone can love. 

Reach out to me. 
You will always see me. 
Love glows, love flickers. 
On the water those who are loved will shine forever. 


Anonymous said...
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♥cherry. le. fait. said...

this is so uplifting to a lady who is perpetually confused by love. puts things into perspective. i like it :)

Sandy said...

thank you :)
i feel so emo writing poetry :P