Sunday, December 21, 2008


do you ever look back on something you wrote and just get astounded by your brilliance?
heres a blog i wrote a lonnnng time ago (like for the ollllld site) and never posted. enjoy!
p.s, this actually REALLY helped me because i've been looking for the name of that book for eons)

Well I do believe I’m somewhere on the cochalla (or however you spell it) so here’s my bloggggerz from the road! Aren’t u excited???
Ok well, first let me say a prayer.
Thank you, good lord for my ipod, laptop and mom’s generous visa allowance that I blew on itunes last night.
Ok. Now here is a list of fun things to do while stuck in a car with your parents who have manalo’s up their asses.
1. sing REALLLLLLY loudly when your dads making a business call.
2. Compile all the songs you know about suicide and sing them loudly. Watch parents whisper about sending you back to psychologists.
3. Sing the song that never ends. When they tell you to stop, switch the song that gets on everybody’s nerves. – classic.
4. Put your feet in the drivers face.
5. Give the people in the car beside you the finger. (especially fun if the people are old)
6. Make sarcastic comments about everything said by parents.
7. Read serious book (may I recommend king leopold’s ghost) and laugh really obnoxiously. Watch parents wonder if your becoming a sadist like older brother.
8. Play dope wars and yell “YAH GO COCAINE!!!” in random intervals.
9. Make screamo beats on garage band. sing them often.
got anymore?

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♥cherry. le. fait. said...

giggle, giggle. your folks whispered about sending you away? lucky you. mine told me directly.