Thursday, November 13, 2008

tonight: the events.

so, last night i told my mom i was going to my friends house for a sleepover because her mom was away, and she didn't want to sleep in the house alone.
realllllllly, i was going to go from waterfront to granville, passing skidrow and sneaking into a club where my favorite band, the heck, was playing. btw, i think they should pay me because i've mentioned them like 4 bazillion times on here. so, my moms reaction to that was "your 18, so i'm not saying no, but just thnk about the people your hanging out with."

i didn't all out lie. i did go to her house! well, her boyfriends house... anyway, they were smoking and drinking in the basement, and then they like lit up a joint. now, we all know my policy on drinking: it's cool if you can control yourself, but i like control of my bodily functions. as for smoking, i don't do it. in my opinion it's a waste of money and smells bad. as for weed, it's another thing i'm not into. people use heightened sensations as their reason to do it, i don't know if i like that. i'd rather work on heightening my mind and senses so i feel good ALL the time. so, while i did feel a bittle awkward, i bought them all pizza. everybody likes pizza!

At 9 i left to go downtown. transit wasn't nearly as scary as i'd thought! when i got there, i met up with my friend Liza, and we headed to the club, which was like 5 block away. it was past skid row, which was mildly scary, but the hobo count was SURPISINGLY low. anyway, when we were approaching the club, we went over the plan: Liza would talk, i would not giggle. she kept talking about how she was so nervous. i was nervous, but excited too. it was like my nerves had ignited and wanted to do something crazy and fun and amazing.

We got there and worked up some nerve. a guy came up to us and asked if we had tickets. (dontcha love scalpers?) I was like, "if we have tickets, will they id us?" he gave us a look. "i forgot mine."
he nodded and said "you'll have to talk to those guys over there." and nodded towards the bouncers.
me and Liza looked at each other. she looked nervous, i could tell that the plan of action wasn't going to work. i had to step up. when i get nervous, i transform. i act. i become a character in an improv show. so, my character was a newly 19 year old, who wanted to go into a club. she was totally innocent, had never even had a sip of wine (outside of church of course). all she wanted was to get into a club and celebrate that she was 19. her friend was taking her out to celeberate. her friend had been 19 since september. she was fun, exciting, amazing. this girl i was playing was IT! she went up to the bouncer and was like "i'm totally stupid and only grabbed cash..........." she raised her eyebrows.
he looked at me, her, "how old are you?" he looked skeptical, but accepting. i've always been tall and curvy, i've always looked older. i could feel him eyeing me in my jeans, black t shirt, half sweater, heels and flashy necklace i'd made myself.
in a situation like this, i know that timing is critical: answer too fast and they'll know that your anxious. wound up like a spring being crushed. answer too slowly and it'll look like you contemplated it, whether it was worth it. imagine my surprise when i heard "19." coming out of her mouth, my voice, at the perfect time. he turned to liza, who whispered out the same answer.
he looked at her, then me again. "we have to talk to our bosses."
they came, and asked how old we are again, and then asked if we had ANY picture id. i had my student card, as did she. we talked to them a bit more. they were going to let me in, but not her.
i had two options. one, i could go in alone, see the band of all bands, and be alone, and risk Liza never talking to me again. or, i could give up, accept that i tried and did the most daring thing of my life, and go with her. we went to cafe crepe, then i came home.
i learnt two things, if you ditch your friends to party, you won't have any to party with, and sometimes when you come up with crazy, daring, stupid plans, give em a try. even if they don't work, the results might amaze you.


Anonymous said...

It's cool that you stuck by your friend!

Rawr said...

thanks :)
i would've felt so bad leaving her alone, and i mean, would i REALLY have fun being alone?
i think she felt like crap though...

♥cherry. le. fait. said...

you should email this to the band! you've been basically advertising them; they must be amazing. it's good that you stuck by your friend. such a good buddy! what an interesting night.