Tuesday, November 25, 2008

time to leave.

according to a recent ubc grad, the addictive chemical in cigarettes is caffeine. 
the world has been harshly dislabelled. 
i don't want this to come as a diss to ubc, i think it's a pretty good school, minus whatever little whatever that made them accept my brother. all i want to do is explain the level of sheer ignorance in my class. people here think that doing work on time is wayyy to hard and unnecessary. what would they do without the annual night of drinking with their girlfriends?! 
umm... maybe actually beat me in the mark departments? and i didn't do too amazingly well, so its not like it's exceptionally hard. 
i'm starting to get really frustrated- like time to drop out frustrated. the teachers are so unprofessional. their always late, and when their here they either bitch about their home life or set us up in front of movies and expect us to learn something. all i've learnt is that i suck at picking out schools. 
which i suppose has some form of a valuable lesson right?


♥cherry. le. fait. said...

there's a "valuable" lesson in most of everything, even if it's just that you sucked at doing something once. i get those lessons every now and then myself.

Rawr said...

there a lot more pleasant when ya look back on em.
living them out is like... no.

Arielle said...

Everything happens for a reason. The reason? That's whats hard to figure out.

Rawr said...

the "fun" ones are when ya figure it out in like 10 years.