Tuesday, November 11, 2008

my biggest pet peeve...

so, my favorite band The Heck (www.myspace.com/theheck) is doing there first concert since they got a new drummer, and it's the first concert in like a bajillion years, and where are they doing it? 
that is my number one pet peeve with bands. i'm 18, one year away. and i would like to mention that i was the THIRD fan on facebook. I have their first album that magically disappeared from itunes. thank god i bought it because it's probably one of the best i've heard in a long, long time. i have loved this band since forever and now i'm being cruelly deprived of their concert because i was conceived a year to late! 

the sad part is, i don't even want to drink, i just want to go to all the concerts that are in clubs. i don't understand why it's so common, aren't teenagers the ones with the disposable incomes who can spend money on the concerts?! 

anyway, the base of this rant is: to any bands out there, make it all ages. PLEASE! 


jenn said...

i hear you on that one, kids underage should be allowed to go to the concert at the clubs. just for the one night..

Rawr said...

i know! it's like, why are we being punished for being young??!

blair.jones said...

I had the same problem, wanting to see shows when I was underage. If you're friends with the band go in with them.. or if the club has a smoking door, try to sneak in. Any of-age friends? I'm a bad influence. Hah. But hey, I never missed a concert when I really set my mind to getting in.

♥cherry. le. fait. said...

i can imagine how frustrating that is! for such a dedicated fan you sure don't deserve that. there's nothing wrong with being underage and it shouldn't be punished like that! you think that there would be an exception due to the fact that some of the band's fans are your age. that's crazy. you should hang around outside and try to meet the band after the show since you can't go inside!

Rawr said...

well, the band did comment on my myspace :D
i feel all famous :P
but no, it's like... i hate it. there the most AMAZING band..
anyway, i'm going to find a way! wish me luck :P

Rawr said...

ahaha, i do want to. but then, i don't know when the soundcheck would be, and it's kind of a sketch area, do i want to be there late at night?
i'm gonna try to talk my friend into being insane w/ me.