Sunday, November 23, 2008


I haven't slept in 2 nights, and i'm not even tired. 
i don't know why this is, and i don't know how to stop it. i haven't slept without melatonin in 2 months, and even then i only get 3 or 4 hours. I'm actually starting to get worried about my health. I'm thinking this isn't the textbook definition of normal and/or healthy. 
I have gotten a lot done. when you don't sleep, you'd be surprised how much TIME you have.
ok, i call bull on myself and will totally admit all i've been doing is watching a LOT of internet tv. in my defense, i've learned a LOT. did you know, for example, that a guy did a 40 year study of playboy (altogether now, 1,2,3... CREEPO!) and found that in times of economic recession models got older, taller and heavier? 
take out the older part, and i just might make some extra money nude modeling. speaking of nude modeling, i learnt from manswers that to tell the difference between a cop and a hooker all you have to do is ask if they'll do nude modeling. a cop'll say no, but a hooker'll be like "hell ya". 
did you know that an ear can hold 9 pounds? the longest word in alphabetical order in the english language is almost. that one made me think of the bowling for soup song, and so i listened to it for the other 4 hours that were left until 6 am on that night. 
one night i measured myself every 5 minutes and found that i was 1 and a half inches shorter than i thought. being 5'8.5" feels odd. i was relieved that i can still be a rockette. 
i've been doing a lot of yoga too. i'm closer to doing the splits than i've been in a LONG time. 
i've memorized the family channel late night schedule, and i've contemplated my future a lot, and thought about taking jewelry design after jci. 

well, my brother just came home wasted. thats fun. 
it's probably a subconcious thing, i don't want to sleep because i'll miss homecomings like this. 


♥cherry. le. fait. said...

elevated consciousness from insomnia = always entertaining. makes me think of Fight Club. you could smile because your life is like a movie :/

Rawr said...

and here i thought i was more boring than anything :P