Thursday, November 13, 2008

i give up + my hair.

So, still no word on how i'm going to get into this concert tomorrow night. 
i'm almost ready to give up on seeing one of my favorite bands EVER. in the history of life live. 

anyway, in other news i got my hair cut today. i went to the school salon because, well, i'm cheap. and i want to support students. yeah, that sounds good. seriously though, this girl did an AMAZING job. her name was like Rachel or something. 

let me start by saying that i am a hell of a customer for hairdressers. up until i started paying for my own haircuts, my dad INSISTED i keep my hair short. i have a round face, so short hair doesn't look so good. i keep it pretty long, halfway down my back. i used to be worse. in ballet you CANNOT have bangs since you need to keep your hair back, in a tight, flat bun. so the rules i had before, were bunnable and long. no bangs. sooooo since my non ballet life has started (which, by the way, isn't working to well. i really miss it. it's like i finally get to do pointe and....) so i GOT BANGS! Rachel (?) was amazing. she was like, "what do you want?" and i was like "long." and instead of just being boring, she was like "what movies do you like?" "Rocky Horror Picture Show, A Little Princess (shut up) and Across the Universe." then she was like "Style wise, what's your favorite magazine?" "Nylon". and last but not least, "what are your top favorite bands?" "The Heck, Nine Inch Nails and Flipron." 
i ended up with the best cut of my life, just because she felt like she knew me and what i wanted. she had an older brother too and so she provided absolutely fab conversation. its one of my greatest loves when i can get something cheaper and better. 
the whole thing? 10 bucks! and i must say, i look dam good. :)

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♥cherry. le. fait. said...

what an amazing hair dresser! haha, so you told her you liked Rocky Horror [who doesn't] and now you have an amazing cut? i'm jealous. :) i'm sorry about the concert. you think maybe if you talk to the manager of the club about making an exception it will happen?