Thursday, November 6, 2008

for some odd reason inspiration hasn't really come to me in any way, shape or form lately. i feel a bit like a lifeless sack that just wants to eat soup all day until spring comes and the sun starts shining. not that i especially love spring, it's actuallly one of my least favorite seasons. i remember spring as a time where i get really sick and sneeze myself to death. i much prefer winter and the magic of christmas.

however i must say that looking out at the trees in my yard (i'm blessed with having a prodigious amount of forest on one side of my house in replacement of neighbours and a beautiful ravine extending out from the backyard) i was almost waiting for the teensiest glimpse of spring. as much as i slightly dread spring it does have its ups. i love sitting in the backyard with a book, or being able to take monty for a run in the yard. what i love most is how i know summer isn't far, and soon i'll be another year older. i'll have the best fruits and veggies and i'll be able to wear white cotton dresses.

spring this year will do double duty. not only will it be fresh and allergytastic, but it will also signify the end of my post secondary (and quite possibly my entire) educational career. maybe thats a good thing, but at the same time i'm scared. now is when i need to consider life, real life. i need to get a job, and either pay rent to stay here or move out. i need to decide where i'm going to travel too and when and how i'm going to pay for it. i need to get a job, i won't have a security net of school to fall back on. i want it to be spring, i really do. but i think some sort of eternal winter will have to do for now.


♥cherry. le. fait. said...

ooh, i bet it so dramatic for you to watch the seasons change like that and imagine your life in sync, in cycle to something so huge. i hope that the changes bring nothing but good things you way!

Rawr said...

well, i do love the dramatics.
sometimes i wish it would all stay a mix of the lush greens and saturated colors....
thanks so much! guess we'll see what happens right?