Saturday, November 8, 2008

desperation and split ends.

tonight i spent 3 hours picking split ends out of my hair. this worries me for not one, but two main reasons: 
1) i had 3 hours on a friday night that i was able to devote to crawling through each strand of hair and 
2) do you have any clue how many split ends that is? mind you i did constantly lose my place, but still. i just got my hair cut in the summer. 

this is my life now. i don't really know what happened. one day i was doing things and life seemed social and like i was getting it together, and now i spend 2 and a half hours playing wiifit every night (not a total loss though- i must say, i look dam hot.) 
still, i think that this is the sign of absolute desperation. 


♥cherry. le. fait. said...

wiifit actually sounds like a lot of fun. don't feel desperate. i think that most of us have phases like this. make the best of it while it's here; hope you can get to more satisfying place soon!

Rawr said...

thanks! and wiifit is SO much fun.
i HATE excersice, but yet i can play wiifit for hours.
they also have a calendar thing you stamp, and i feel SO guilty and crummy if i don't do it every day.
THATS motivation.