Friday, October 31, 2008

My thoughts on war strategy

My response to this was simple: what?!

despite how many years of this war going on, i have yet to understand what exactly america is fighting for. my (probably totally wrong) understanding of it is you blew up our building, were going to invade your county. muhaha.

now i don't want to make light of the whole 9/11 thing. it was terrible and yes, it needed to be dealt with. but this certainly couldn't have been the best way. remember in kindergarted when you learnt that two wrongs don't make a right? honestly, sometimes i think that politicians really don't need college degrees, all they need is a year of kindergarten to show them how to really take care of people. isn't that their job?

then we have the whole play nice issue. we all know how i feel about slanderous campaiging. your all big kids now, lets act like it. in kindergarten theres a word for putting someone else down to make yourself look better. it's called bullying. for candidates that pretend to care about youth so much, why are they damaging a 5 year old by showing them that putting people down is clearly ok?

but back to the war, obviously getting people out of the killing zone would be good, and hey! maybe if they didn't have all that money pouring into war they could put some money into making sure the country sucks a little less, or pay off that national debt. but really, how many of you know what exactly their fighting for? do they? has everyone just lost sight of the big picture? what IS the big picture?

what do you think?

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